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Anne Markiewicz and Associates is a specialist consultancy undertaking Monitoring and Evaluation roles for Australian governments, the non government sector and international organisations.

Anne Markiewicz and Associates undertakes consultancies based on clear communication, sound methodologies and strategies customised to meet client and program needs. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to a range of stakeholder requirements and our standards of excellence.

Monitoring and evaluation are central to the work of Anne Markiewicz and Associates. We believe that good monitoring and evaluation processes are essential to program design and delivery. We work in collaboration with organisations, both government and not-for-profit, to design and implement monitoring and evaluation frameworks and to design and undertake evaluations of programs. We also deliver high quality training in "Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks". Our main aim is the promotion of evaluation for learning and reflection to support evidence informed decision making.

Anne Markiewicz and Associates provides:

  • Design of Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks
  • Design and Implementation of Program Evaluation and Review
  • Policy Development and Planning for Evaluation
  • Training in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Facilitation of Evaluation Processes such as Theory of Change/Program Logic workshops
  • Mentoring in Evaluation

Anne Markiewicz is a Fellow of the Australasian Evaluation Society and has received the Australasian Evaluation Society 2013 Award for Excellence in Evaluation: The Outstanding Contribution to Evaluation (ET&S) Award and the Australasian Evaluation Society 2008 Award for Excellence in Evaluation: The Indigenous Evaluation Award.

Anne Markiewicz and Ian Patrick have published 'Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks' (SAGE 2015).